Friday, January 19, 2007



it makes everyone happy. look at melissa.. she is in love, and she is so happy. Everyone should be able to experience love once in their lives.

So i like this boy.. and i cant name names here so i wont. But yeah this kid is cute and i like him; and when i am with him i get really happy. The thing is i dont know what to do about it because well.. what if he doesnt like me back. Anyway having more then friendship feeling toward someones causes happiness.. so if you are sad, start to like someone... it works.

If you have any suggestions as to what i should do in my current situtation they would be greatly appreiciated.. and will most likely make me happy (unless they are mean.)

Also i thought of something else that makes me happy.. sleeping and taking my contacts out-- which i am going to do right now. BYE :D

-your chicken noodle soup

bla bla bla

What is making me happy right now?

!. The music that is playing on my computer from the Grey's Anatomy sound track.. im obsessed.

@. Live Journal. its awesome

#. You Tube. Its also awesome.. i would tell you what i am watching, but it is not "school appropriate"

$. The fact that in about two weeks i am going to the Bahamas

%. In the summer i am going to a Dispatch concert with some of my best friends. I cant wait.

^. Connors Blog because it is so funny.. even though he hates me.

&. This blog; because i have made a friend that isnt even in my Media Studies class and she found me first...

* i have facebook and myspace comments :D

10. I just finished another post! which means i only have one more to do by tomorrow at around 10am when Mr. Eure sips is coffee and reads this.

OH yeah.. and speaking of Coffee.. that makes me happy too... Starbucks is the greatest.

-your chicken noodle soup

Monday, January 15, 2007

Okay.. so i am going back to a nice list of things that have made me happy this week.

!. i know i have stressed this in the post before this one but friends make the top of the list. They make me the happiest.

@. Grey's Anatomy. I love that show. It makes me so happy and when i watch it i forget about everything else going on around me. I know that that TV show might not make everyone happy.. but you can find a show that does. Or a favorite movie perhaps? Watching something on TV that you'll enjoy will sometimes cause a person to cheer up.

#. Music. I tend to listen to music to go along with the mood I am in. Although listening to sad or depressing music doesnt seem like a good way to cheer someone up when they are in a sad or depressed mood, it works for me. So try it one day... or dont; i dont care. Either way music of any kind makes me happy.

$. Go to school games. Right now, Hockey games seem to be the place to go on friday, saterday or sunday nights. In the spring it will be Lacross or maybe baseball. Going to games and cheering on your school is great fun and it takes you mind off depressing things. Making fun of the other team and putting them down is fun to.

%. Believe it or not, teachers can be a sorce of happiness. i am not talking about the ones you hate or the ones that piss you off because they give a lot of homework or yell at you every day for no reason at all. Im talking about the sweet ones like Mr. Eure. Teachers that you can talk to and who know how to have a good time are the ones that will tend to cheer you up if you are down.

^. Go out to eat. Going out with friends to eat lunch or dinner and even breakfast is always fun. It gets you out of the house and you will not be alone to sulk in your sadness.. unless you go by yourself, which o do not recommend.

&. Talk about old times. Funny memories will always cheer you up for at least the time that you are remembering them.

Alright thats the list that i have come up with for this week. If you have any others feel free to let me know. I hope this upcoming week will be happier then the last.

-Your Chicken Noodle Soup


By definition, a friend is a person who gives assistance; a patron; a supporter. But friends are much more then that. True friends are always there to make you smile and laugh. They are there through the good times and the bad and they never leave your side. This past week has made me realize that friends are some of the most important people in my life and the lives of everyone else. You never realize how important people are to you until they are gone. The difference between life and school is that life gives the test first and then teaches the lesson. But no matter what, when you need a helping hand or a sholder to cry on, your friends will always be there for you to give you comfort- to cheer you up or to just be there with you. So dont take your friends for granted, spend as much time with them as you can because you can always count on them to make you happy.

Without the support of all my friends, i wouldn't have have lasted through this week. People who i haven't talked to at all this year were all there to help me and i was there for them. Chris has brought everyone together and made us realize that we have to stick together. It is sad that it takes something so tragic to bring everyone together- old friends and new; and it is sad that Chris doesnt even get to enjoy it; but he brought to our attention that at one point in the past everyone split up. Old friends stopped talking to eachother and in some cases started gossiping about eachother to new friends; and this shouldn't be. New friends are good but we cant forget about old friendships. This past week, everyone who had split up came together and we all supported each other through this tragic time. So again I am saying that without all my friends this past week would have been impossible to get through; and again i am stressing to not take friends for granted; and if you find a friendship slipping away, fight like hell to save it because losing a friend is probably one of the worst things to go through in a persons life.

The point of this blog is to find happiness, and i am saying now that the first place to look is to your friends, because no matter what they will always be there for you.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


So i was all about writting a post about everthing that i enjoyed about today because there was alot. And i learned a lot aswell about being in a good mood and how to aviod being in a bad one. But what do you do when your great day turns around all of the sudden and even all of the happiest things that you can think of dont seem to help? what happens when you hear that one sentance and you can do nothing to stop your self from crying? what do you do then? This is my advice...

You have it better then most people in the world. You have people that love you, either friends or family. Everyone has potential to make something out of their life, but life is short. So dont dwindle on the stupid things; dont live your life sad or angry or with any regrets. Make the most of what you've got and grab life by the horns. Put your heart into everything you do and work hard to get what you want. Just live like there is no tomorrow because you never know when everything could be stolen right from you.

im sorry the post wasnt cheerful but take something from it. let it inspire you to get over weakness and sadness and be the best that you can be.


What Makes You Happy?

Hii everyone! Alright so i got some answers to what makes some of the people that i know happy. Here they are..

!. You can watch sparrows.. or, if at all possible, you can watch some barking cats (and be completely odd like Mr. Eure)-- im sure being able to see some cats barking like dogs would be hysterical.

@. You Tube. Its a great site-- just go to and type in anything you want to see in the search bar and it will most likely be there for your pleasure.

#. There is this sweet hot kid named Kevin Grimes who makes a friend of mine very happy. They are together however, so if he starts to make anyone else happy i suggsest you forget about this one because Melissa will want to kill you. What you can do though is find someone else just like him.. smart, funny, attractive, or whatever else you like in a guy.. (or girl) and have some fun. Having a lover is always a cheerer upper. (8

$. If your feeling down, try some sented candles. you can light them and relax. being lazy is always nice once in a while. What makes me happy is lighting sented candles, dimming the lights and taking a bath. It relaxing and can get your mind off bad things.

%. Try Yoga. Its just a great way to relieve stress and you'll feel great afterward.

^. If there is a lot on your mind a great way to foget about everything is to read a book. Going to Borders always makes me happy as well.. i love to look at all the books and sit and read whichever one looks interesting to me. You should try it, you might find that it helps.

&. Scotch.

Now that you know what makes some other people happy you should leave your computer and try a few. But first here are some things that made me happy this past weekend...

!. On Friday i had a track meet. I know that sounds like a lame way to spend your friday night and it totally is.. but i tried to make it fun by just simply going off. I cheered for everyone.. even when i didnt know them.. and that was fun. i was loud and hyper and no matter what i stayed happy because there was no point in being sad or mad.. it wouldnt fix my problem. Just try and think of the bright things in a bad situation and that sometimes helps.

@. Saterday my mom made me cry. i needed to get out of my house because i couldnt stand anyone.. so i just ran. i put on my shoes and left for an hour and ran down my road and away. when i got back everything was calm and i felt great. Removing your self from a bad situation can help to. and if you enjoy running then go for it... trust me you will feel great after and you can even reward yourself by eating a cookie or something!

#. I spent Saterday nights with my friends and we had a great time together. friends make me happy and they will make you happy to if you need them. Just make sure that you dont spill the captain!

Hope these help you!!! have a happy day!

-your chicken soup.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Get Real Happy

I am not doing this for my media studies class, even thought thats why Eure says i am. This blog is designed for the soul purpose of happiness and hopefully reading this will make you happy. If for some reason you are feeling mad or sad or any other antonym to happiness then come visit this blog and try some of the things that make other people happy to cheer you up. What makes you happy?